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Help Your Car Pass The MOT First Time Using Bryans Top 10 MOT Tips

We’re keen to give high-quality service and repairs to drivers in and around Castle Douglas. As part of our friendly service, we thought it would be a good idea to share some useful hints and tips on how you can give your vehicle the best chance of passing it’s MOT first time.

You just need a few minutes to run through Bryans MOT checklist. This could save you not only time but money as well.

What can you do to help your car pass the MOT first time?

Surprisingly a lot of MOT failures are for the simplest of things. You’d be amazed that many fail on an empty washer bottle or a faulty bulb. Bryans checklist will help guide you through a few simple checks. This will give you a much better chance of your vehicle passing its MOT test first time. 

1 – Front Lighting

Inspect your headlights. Make sure both dipped beam and full beam works correctly. They should also be clean and free from damage. Ensure your side lights, indicators and hazard warning lights are also fully operational. Should any bulbs not work and you’re unable to remedy this yourself then give us a call. We are more than happy to help out.

 2 – Rear Lights

Checking your rear lights can be tricky on your own so you’ll need a friend to help out.

Check your hazards, side lights, and indicators. Depress the brake pedal to make sure the brake lights are working correctly, and don’t forget to check the high-level brake light strip where fitted.

3 – Registration / Number Plates

Your registration plates must meet the legal requirement. This means the spacing and the type of font used are correct. This is also a requirement for cherished registration plates. Make sure they are clean. A quick wash over makes all the difference.

4 – Wheels and Tyres

Take a good look at your road wheels to check for any damage.

Your tyres need to be checked for tread depth as well as wear and tear. The tread depth must be more than 1.6mm. If a tyre is below this across the centre ¾ of the tread width (around the entire circumference) then it will fail its MOT.

Do you have a tyre below the legal limit? We can provide you with great deals on tyres for all makes and models. Just ask.

 5 – Seats and Seatbelts / Restraints

You must be able to move the driver seat forwards and backwards easily. It should lock into position when required. Check your seatbelts for wear and tear and any fraying. Your seatbelts should also extend and retract freely, as well as lock and release from the buckle when required.

 6 – Windscreen

A clear view through your windscreen is of very important.

Look for signs of damage to your windscreen. Damage cannot exceed 10mm (in diameter) within the driver’s line of sight. If the remainder of the screen (swept area) is damaged by 40mm, then it will also fail. 

Should you have a damaged screen it would be a good idea to talk to your insurance company as many include windscreens within the policy.

7 – Clearing your Screen – Washers and Wipers

A lack of screenwash can be a common failure item. Please make sure that you have plenty of washer fluid prior to presenting your vehicle for MOT.

Next, inspect both wiper blades for wear and tear. Look for any splits and make sure they glide smoothly over your windscreen. If you have any concerns, let us know as we keep a large stock of these and can fit them while you wait.

8 – Horn

Your vehicles horn must be in good working order to warn other road users of a potential hazard.

Make sure the tone is as close to standard as possible Some people think that having a musical horn, a siren or a twin-tone horn is fun. It may be fun but it will fail an MOT.

9 – Oil & Fuel Levels

To carry out the MOT Test we need to be able to start and run the vehicle.

Make sure that your engine oil level is correct before bringing in your vehicle. Take a look in your vehicle’s handbook if you’re unsure of how to carry this out.

We’ll also need enough fuel in your vehicle to complete our tests. We’re big strong chaps but we’d rather not have to push your vehicle from the ramp. 

10 – Dashboard Warning Lights

Next, we’ll need to check dashboard lights. You will notice that when you turn the ignition on they illuminate then go out as you start your vehicle.

If you have any lights that stay on after starting the vehicle then you may need a repair. In particular look out for the vehicles engine management, safety restraint, ABS or tyre pressure monitoring system lights.

We’re Here to help

You’ve taken some key steps to give your vehicle the best possible chance to pass its MOT test first time. Well done.

If you have concerns about your vehicle, let us know. We are more than happy to give our help and advice. If you’d like to arrange repairs or to book an MOT, give us a call today.

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