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Brake safety

However fast you drive, you have to be able to stop in time. When it comes to brakes the primary goal at Bryan Swales Auto Repairs is to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and that it can be relied upon 100%. 

Because brakes and pads are among the most common issues we deal with on a daily basis, we have put together this article so you’ll know what to look out for, how to save money on your brakes, and stay safe at the same time.

Watch Out!

Brakes wear and when they start showing signs of fault your braking efficiency will be reduced. This could lead to you taking longer to stop in your car. There may also be a higher risk of skidding and your brakes may even fail. It goes without saying that you don’t want to find yourself in an accident that could have been prevented.

We also want you to avoid worn pads damaging your vehicle’s brake discs, which could lead to the extra, unnecessary expense of you needing to replace discs prematurely.

Understanding Brakes

Complex combinations of electrical and mechanical parts, modern braking systems commonly include an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), where wheel speeds are recorded and monitored by a computer that can control the brakes in emergencies.

Thanks to these new technologies most brake faults come down to pads and discs, which are designed to wear and be replaced over time.

When a driver applies pressure to the brake pedal, a brake booster exerts a continuous force in the master cylinder and forces brake fluid into a brake calliper.

Pressure in the calliper passes to the brake piston, and the brake pads are pressed onto the brake disc, which slows the wheels and ultimately causes the car to stop.

Extending Brake Life

The single most effective way of extending the life of your brakes is to apply progressive braking, which means applying a variable braking technique instead of one single braking action. Progressive braking should start slight, increase with pressure but ultimately finish light. 

When applied, progressive braking can:

  • Stop wheels locking
  • Help you avoid skidding
  • Boost fuel efficiency
  • Enable other road users to react in good time 
  • Reduce wear on brakes and other mechanical components.

The vehicle is better off and you save money!

Brake Faults

Whatever your driving style, brake repairs are inevitable. It goes without saying that if you suspect something is wrong, have your car inspected straight away. Better to be safe, not sorry.

Be aware of:

  • High-pitched squeals, or vibrations when braking
  • Soft or hard brake pedals when depressed
  • Increased stopping distances
  • The brake fluid light 
  • The ABS warning light  
  • The brake-pad-wear light
  • Grinding noises when brakes are applied

Brake Maintenance 

Brakes should be closely monitored and maintained. They should always be replaced before it’s too late! Prevention is much better than cure. When you have a service or if you suspect any issues have the brakes checked.

Our technicians at Bryan Swales Auto Repairs will inspect your brake pads and discs, and match the results to your manufacturer’s specifications to ensure they have sufficient service life. We want you to be able to drive safely between brake inspections.

It is easy to check the difference between old and new brake components (see below) and to see how important it is for accurate measurements to be established.

As well as checking the brake pads and discs we’ll test your brake fluid as this also has a service life and can affect braking performance.

Our paramount concern is always your safety so we want you to feel confident driving a car you can trust.

So if you have any concerns about your brakes or you’d just like to be on the safe side then book in for a quick inspection today.

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