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How to prepare your car for the springtime

Spring is here and you’ll be as glad as we are that the cold and wet weather is nearly over. The colourful flowers are blooming and the sun is starting to make an appearance again. 

Have you suddenly realised that your car isn’t ready for the spring? Of course, we can all be guilty of neglecting the condition of our car during the winter, which means some preparation will be necessary for the springtime.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can get your car ready for the warmer months.

Have a Deep Clean

We often neglect how our car looks on the outside in the winter months. This means that dirt and grime can gather on our vehicle. This doesn’t just look bad, it’s also bad for the paintwork too. All the dirt can chip and damage the paintwork if it’s left on. So, when spring rolls around, be sure to start cleaning! A pressure washer may be a fast and easy way to clean all the grime away and there’s plenty of cleaning products that can help you get your car set for spring.

Replace the Winter Tyres

Do you have winter tyres? If so, it’s time to swap them over for your regular tyres again. This doesn’t take long and it’s something simple that we’ll happily do for you at Bryan Swales Auto Repairs.

Once you have your regular tyres fitted, make sure they are still in good condition by checking the tread. This is going to improve grip on the road and improve stopping distance. In addition, monitor the tyre pressure to make sure it’s at the right PSI.

Check the Wipers and Washer Fluids

We’ve all heard the saying, April showers. So, this means you should check that your wipers are still in good working order. Getting rid of snow and rain, as well as facing the cold temperatures can take its toll on your wipers and blades. Make sure they don’t leave any streaks or dirt on your windscreen. If they do, it may be time to have them replaced.

Not only can there be showers in the spring, but there are also a lot of bugs. These can be annoying when they get stuck to your windshield. To get rid of them and improve visibility when you’re driving, fill up your washer fluids. This is going to let you clear the glass and remove all the bugs.

Test the Brakes

During the cold winter months, your car has to work a lot harder. This includes your brakes, which will be put through their paces. So, when springtime is here, it’s best to get them tested just to make sure everything is safe for you and your family. In particular, if you hear squeaking or experience grinding, it may be time for a service to make sure it is safe.

Choose an Air Conditioning Service

As the temperatures rise, you’re definitely going to need the air conditioning in your car. It’s most likely the case that the air conditioning has not been used at all during the winter months. This means that there could be issues when you first use it. You might notice some strange noises or there could also be a bad smell when it’s switched on. It’s always best to run the air conditioning at least once a week during the winter months, but this isn’t a well-known fact.

So, why do bad odours occur? Most of the time it’s because mould and bacteria have developed in the system. The only effective way to get rid of this is by cleaning out the system and having it treated. The pollen filters will have to be cleaned too. This is going to get rid of any dust and dirt that are present, which could aggravate those that suffer from allergies. If you notice that there is water or drips, this may indicate a problem with the evaporator. 

It’s also important to remember that the lubricant for the air conditioning system should be replaced every two years. This is going to keep the system working at its best for the spring.

If you have problems with your air conditioning or want to get the system up and running again for the spring and summer without any issues, you can arrange an air conditioning service. At Bryan Swales Auto Repairs our experienced technicians will inspect your air conditioning system, ensure the system cleans, dries and cools the air just when you need it most.

At Bryan Swales Auto Repairs we’re here to serve the motorists of Castle Douglas, so if you’d like some assistance with any of the above, or you’d like to book your vehicle in for a service or Spring health check, then give us a call as we’re here to help.

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