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Car Repair Castle Douglas

If you’re after honest, reliable care for your car – multi-award-winning care that’s unrivalled around Castle Douglas, Stewartry and the Glenkens areas – your search is over. At Bryan Swales Auto Repairs, we know how to get your vehicle running safe and sound, without any hidden costs.

We believe in two things: an honest, first-time fix and an affordable, stress-free service, which is guaranteed to keep you and your family safe. It’s a simple philosophy, but one that we live by.

Our independent garage in Castle Douglas is primed with the latest, innovative tools and an elite team of Scotland’s finest technicians who are ready to get your vehicle running like new. So, whether your brakes need fixing or your suspension just isn’t what it used to be, give us a call. We’re here to help!

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  • Tony Hopkins

    2nd December 2023

    Came out to my car within a day. I had been let down three times by another garage. Highly recommended

  • Kenneth Shaw

    11th November 2023

    Did a mot after a week because of a no show, very courteous provided a curtesy vehicle went above and beyond fully recommend

  • john warburton

    18th October 2023

    Had car MOT done, nice staff and it passed

  • Helen Powell

    14th August 2023

    Absolute superstars! Up here on holiday, needed an unexpected repair! Fitted me in straight away, and fixed within minutes! Excellent service, very professional and definitely recommend 100%

  • A. C.

    8th August 2023

    Im a returning customer to this excellent work shop , flexible time and good prices .

  • mark skachill

    23rd March 2023

    Brilliant service from Bryan and the team I connected him about a clutch and flywheel needing done on my bmw. He got straight back to me with prices and very good prices at that drop the car off and had it back 2 days later it’s like a new car all over again.

  • Judy 65

    6th August 2022

    Very friendly and good service very thorough the receptionist very helpful and friendly to.

  • Meg Fulton

    7th June 2022

    Great service. Thank you.

  • Brogan Murray

    17th January 2022

  • David Richards

    7th November 2021

    Efficient booking, no wait on arrival, accurate estimate of time required for MOT which was met. Friendly staff and very reasonable pricing. Will definitely use again.

  • Charlotte Sherry

    28th July 2021

    In a pickle after my suspension failed while on holiday in Kippford. They sorted out the issue, kept me in the loop and informed - was ready for collection when they said it would be. Great service and didn’t break the bank. Mark Beever 28th July 2021.

  • Little Stoke

    5th July 2021

    Had an engine warning light come on whilst on holiday. Hyundai let me down but this garage came up trumps. Booked me in same day. Called in early as engine light went out. Spoke to mechanic and gave symptoms before I had checked air filter. Really nice mechanic. Didn't try and rip me off by checking codes for no reason

  • Lucy Hornberger

    16th September 2019

    We needed an emergency quick fix while touring around Scotland (many 100s of miles from home) and were a bit wary of going to a new (to us) and untested garage. However Bryan Swales Auto Repairs were brilliant - understood the issue right and fixed the car in less than 20 minutes. Very professional and the price was reasonable too. We are very grateful and have no hesitation in recommending... Read More


Faulty brakes risk the life of you and your family. It’s that simple. And, it’s the reason your brakes should always be running at optimum. Regardless of mileage, brake fluid should be replaced every two years. After all, damaged brakes that go unchecked often end up with a very hefty bill.

But, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. Our technicians are trained to the highest standard to ensure your car is 100% safe. No questions asked. So, whether you know the problem or just have a funny feeling, call us today!


Your tyres are the only contact between your car and the road. If those four points aren’t at their absolute best, you could be in trouble.

That’s why you should always demand the most advanced, award-winning technicians around Castle Douglas to treat your tyres; an independent garage that only ever uses premium products and helps you understand exactly what’s going on, rather than confusing you with jargon. That garage is Bryan Swales…

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Wheel Alignment

Driving with bad wheel alignment is a great way to not only burn through fuel but also create unnecessary risk on the road. If you’re wondering how your wheels become unaligned, it’s simple: potholes, speed bumps and curbs.

And, as you can’t change the roads, we recommend having your wheels realigned once a year to save you money and keep your car safe.

At Bryan Swales, we only use the most innovative equipment to put wheel alignment right, ensuring you drive away with the smoothest, most cost-effective ride.


Is there a fault light flashing or perhaps an electrical issue? Something not sounding or feeling quite right with your vehicle…

Fortunately, the team at our Castle Douglas garage have the advanced, specialist training, and cutting-edge equipment, to discover your problem and repair it the first time. Every time.

And, unlike many garages around Stewartry and Glenkens, we don’t just plug your car to a computer and move on. We investigate it to ensure the issue doesn’t reoccur weeks later.

Clutches and Gearbox

A strange sound coming from your clutch or gearbox is never a good thing. If left, things can only get worse. And, worst often means expensive.

Accurate diagnosis of all manual or automatic gearbox and clutch faults is just what the team here at Bryan Swales Auto Repairs do.

So, regardless of what kind of your gearbox you’re using, give us a call! You’re guaranteed reliable advice and transparent service every time, from the top, tried and tested technicians in South West Scotland.


Black smoke? Leaks? Failed an emissions test? Exhaust problems can be pretty stressful. We understand. After all, we fix hundreds of exhausts every year. But, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, we aim to make your car as stress-free as possible.

We do that by providing you with an honest, and reliable service, which discovers and repairs the problem quickly and efficiently, without any hidden costs.

If you’re concerned about your exhaust and want the most advanced, hardworking team attending your vehicle, call us today.


A healthy car battery is essential to the correct operation of your vehicle’s electrical systems. You don’t want to wake up to a flat battery. There really aren’t many worse ways to start your day. Either the kids are going to be late to school or you’re missing that important meeting; whichever it is, you can do without it.

So, if you’re looking for a garage in the Stewartry and Glenkens area, an award-winning garage that guarantees to fix your battery problem the first time, we’re the garage for you. And, we only ever use premium products. This way you can rest assured that you’re getting the best but at an affordable price.

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Car Air conditioning

For car air conditioning repair in Castle Douglas, there’s only one place to go: Brian Swales.

Easily one of our most popular services, we’re specialists when it comes to your vehicle’s air-con.

If you are wondering why a faulty air conditioning unit is that big of an issue, let us tell you. Your air conditioning plays a central role in the heating and ventilation of your entire vehicle. It’s much more than just keeping you cool.

Therefore, faulty air conditioning can quickly lead to key, more expensive components failing.



Your suspension keeps your vital component’s safe.

Other than ensuring a comfortable journey for you, it makes sure that everything stays where it should and isn’t jolted or damage by unexpected obstacles. That means a problematic suspension can quickly add up to a costly string of repairs throughout your car.

So, if you’ve been having trouble with your suspension, call us now. Our team has decades of experience working on suspensions, specialising in VAG vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Škoda.


Is your DPF light on? Leave it on and it gets expensive…

Diesel Particulate Filters are essential. They are there to pass emission control tests. If yours isn’t up to scratch, you’ll not only have dirty, black clouds churning out the back of your car, but you can be hit with large fines.

So, to avoid any unnecessary costs and keep bills to a minimum, we recommend getting your DPF checked every 2 years. Bring your car to Bryan Swales, we’re specialists in DPF’s. We’ll have your car checked, sorted and ready to go within a few hours.

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